About Us


Our Story

Due to the overwhelming success of our Rules set Over the Hills, Adrian McWalter first established our company, Stand To Games Ltd in early 2016, later being joined by Joanne Bell. 


Our companies main aims are to provide the Wargaming community with well-written Rule Sets from different gaming periods, high-detailed figure ranges, and Wargaming accessories to compliment.


With over 50 Years of experience within the Wargaming and gaming communities, Adrian and Joanne hope to bring together both experienced Wargamers and new starters alike; with easy to understand, yet historically accurate, detailed Rule Sets and Figures.


From the Community

In August 2017 we launched our first, Napoleonic Skirmish Wargame ‘Forager’, that was accompanied by our own 28mm figure range; featuring British, French, Portuguese and Spanish Characters. 

We were overwhelmed with our communities support and interest around our alternative, skirmish approach to a classic Napoleonic gaming period; and the campaign was funded within three days of release, and it was a huge success.


JJ's Wargaming Blog

The Author of O'er The Hills - The Early Peninsula War Scenario Supplement to our successful Napoleonic wargames rules Over the Hills. 

If you are interested in the ideas behind the O'er The Hills scenarios, and looking at the history that underpins them then you will find much more information on JJ's Wargames Blog.